Dreamforce 2019 Opening Keynote
Concepted and designed experiential visuals and the main presentation during the Dreamforce 2019 Opening Keynote.

Concepting, presentation design, art direction, agency management

Each year, Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff kicks off the beginning of the Dreamforce conference with the Opening Keynote. This presentation continues to grow and evolve in terms of innovation and scale setting the bar higher each year it is held. The Keynote Room usually consists of a main presenter screen. confidence monitors, and a stage. It was decided that some new elements would be added to create a more immersive experience, including eight four-sided LED columns and a LED presenter stage.
In 2019, as Sr. Presentation Designer on the Corporate Messaging & Content team, I was tasked with concepting and designing environmental visuals that would populate Hall F in Moscone Center during the show. These visuals would live on the new stage and column setups. It was an exciting and thoughtful design challenge since each of the columns had four sides measuring 20ft tall and 8ft wide.
Early 3D renders and concept art
The following images show various, early explorations of how to design for the space while having the most visual impact. It was important that I also consider how to keep the audience from being overwhelmed by the high perceptual load with so many visuals present in the room.
Testing of content within column layouts
Working files were produced in a four-up view of each side to better understand how elements of each design would interact across the four panels. Many considerations were made to produce the best solution for audience members seated closer to the columns as well as those who were farther away in the room.

Four-up view of a column video wrap

Column layout being tested on all screens

Rehearsals and building of the main stage.

View of conference space during construction

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